Pest & Disease Identification

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Pest & disease identification is an important part of achieving success with your plants. These are often unavoidable, meaning you will encounter some form of pest at some time. Let us help identify and treat your harmful pests in our Bonide Diagnostic Center.

Do not bring in suspected Boxwood Blight. If you have any questions about whether your infected item or insect can be brought in, please call first.

Diagnose Pest Problems

pest & disease identification at johnson's gardens by the bonide diagnostic center

We attempt to diagnose problems through verbal descriptions and/or photos, but pest & disease identification is made easy at our Bonide Diagnostic Center.

It’s one of the most effective ways to determine the pests or diseases with your plants. We encourage you to bring in a sample of the affected plant, and we will help identify and offer a solution to help your plants.

High-Res Digital Microscope

microscope pest & disease identification bonide diagnostic center

The diagnostic center includes a high-resolution 800x digital microscope. We will closely examine your infected leaf, branch, or bug for characteristics that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye.

Our center has helped hundreds of customers identify if the problem is caused by a disease organism or by an insect. We’re then able to help you with appropriate treatment.

Treatment Options

zoom in pest & disease identification bonide diagnostic center at johnson's gardens

Indiscriminately spraying toxins in your garden without proper understanding of the problem is dangerous to your plants, health, and local wildlife (i.e Pollinators).

Treatments may also only be effective at certain times of the year. Most insects and plant pathogens have specific life cycles. Those treatments must be carefully selected and applied at proper times to be effective.

Bring in Your Affected Plant or Bug. We Will Help.

There is also comprehensive help available, for a small fee, from the UW Plant Disease Diagnostics Clinic

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