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Heyden’s Gardens has access to a diverse selection of shrubs, evergreens, perennials, and shade & ornamental trees. Many of the annuals, perennials, and other landscape plants are grown locally.

Our Warranty, Replacement & Return policy covers most trees and shrubs. Some species (typically those less hardy in our region) may be excluded from warranty.

Our Warranty, Replacement & Return policy does not cover perennials, annuals, or houseplants.

Find Trees

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Heyden’s Gardens stages a few different varieties of container trees in our holding yard during the growing season.

Plant Shrubs

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Shop Heyden’s Gardens for an assortment of shrubs such as roses, viburnums, hydrangea, spirea, and more!  Shrubs are so versatile: foundation plantings, wind and green screens, and specimen plantings.

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Grow Fruit Trees

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The fruit trees we have available are selected varieties that are proven to thrive in Wisconsin’s climate. These include the most popular varieties of apples, pears, peaches, and cherries. Home fruit production has exploded in the past few years!

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Container Grown Trees & Shrubs

Recent research has shown that growing trees and shrubs in containers produces plants that adapt more readily and grow more quickly, when transplanted, than balled  & burlapped material. This is due to the fact that their entire root system is maintained, rather than being severed by the digging process.  The availability of container grown trees and shrubs in the green industry has expanded extensively over the past few years, and there are numerous benefits to both plants and customers. Container grown plants are significantly lighter than field-grown material, and easier for customers to handle, transport, and install.