Edible Gardening: Fruits/Vegetables

Quality, Freshness, Nostalgia, Preservation

At Heyden’s Gardens, we carry a full selection of edible crops for various seasons, including vegetables, herbs, fruit trees and berry shrubs. We believe that there are few activities more fulfilling than growing your own food. Shop our excellent selection of organic, GMO-free vegetable, herb and flower seeds from late winter through spring.

Starting your own crops from seed has a number of advantages: your selection of varieties is often much larger, you have complete control of the growing process from germination to harvest, and….you get to start gardening earlier in the season! Depending upon the crop you can start seeds indoors as early as February, although most will ideally be sown in March or April.

Vegetable Gardening

edible edibles johnson's gardens vegetable gardening seeds cedarburg

We have everything you’ll need to get a jump start on your vegetable garden, including germination trays, soil mixes, grow lights, and plant labels.

If you’d rather not start your vegetables from seed we have locally grown vegetable starter plants available as soon as the weather is warm enough to set them out.

Our young vegetables include a connoisseur’s collection of heirloom and specialty tomatoes as well as a full range of other garden vegetables.

Herb Gardening

edible edibles johnson's gardens herb gardening herbs cedarburg

There is a certain romanticism associated with growing edible herbs.

At Heyden’s Gardens, we carry a wide selection of herbs as starter plants and as seeds. Fresh herbs add tremendous flavor to summer dishes and can be dried and preserved for use year-round.

Fruit Trees, Shrubs & Vines

edible edibles heyden's gardens fruit tree orchard gardening seeds cedarburg

The fruit trees we have available are selected varieties that are proven to thrive in Wisconsin’s climate.

These include the most popular varieties of apples, pears, peaches, and cherries. Home fruit production has exploded in the past few years and many people have joined the ranks of home orchardists.

We also carry an assortment of grapevines and berry shrubs for smaller landscapes and patio containers!

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Stay connected with our monthly email!

Why bother starting your own edible garden?

Did you ever buy fruit that was less than ideal? Sometimes commercially grown fruit is not harvested at the peak time. It is frequently picked early and kept in cold storage so it ships better. By growing your own, you control when it is best to pick.

Some gardeners desire an heirloom variety that they enjoyed years ago that is no longer available to purchase as finished fruit. Perhaps it is the memories of sitting under their grandparents’ apple tree and happily munching on home grown apples.

If you are into canning, freezing, jams & jellies, etc, then growing your own will provide you with lots of fruit for this purpose.

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