Locally Grown Houseplants Near You

You know that taking care of plants is a positive activity and Heyden’s Gardens is thrilled to foster the resurgence in the popularity of houseplants. We carry tropical plants in a range of sizes as well as succulents, cacti, and blooming plants. Stop in and talk with our tropical plant experts about how you can grow tropical plants in your home.

Is the long Wisconsin winter wearing you down? Or are you looking to add green indoors to match your garden during any season? Improve your health, well-being, and happiness by adding houseplants and terrariums to your home or office.

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Houseplants, Indoor Tropicals

  • Provide cleaner interior air quality
    • Remove up to 10% of the carbon dioxide in the air
    • Remove toxins from the air
    • Increase air humidity
    • Reduce airborne microbes & dust
  • Boost your mood
    • The presence of houseplants has been shown to lower levels of stress, anxiety and depression while increasing feelings of optimism and well-being.
  • Increase productivity
    • Studies have shown that office workers who kept and tended plants in their work space displayed measurably higher levels of creativity, productivity, memory retention, and work accuracy.
  • Make you a better person!
    • Research out of the University of Texas indicates that caring for plants improves interpersonal relationships by increasing compassion and empathy.

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Stay connected with our monthly email!


Succulents are native to desert regions and arid locations, which means they will thrive in the dry air in our homes provided they are given abundant light. There are so many shapes and sizes to choose from that it’s easy to become a collector. Succulents make great gifts, too.

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