Wind Chimes

Published On: April 22nd, 2021

Most people perceive their gardens through their visual senses. If we consider our other senses, we can better enrich the experience of our outdoor spaces. Scented flowers provide fragrance. Sound, too, is important and you can introduce this through the bubbling sound of a water feature or the musical notes of quality wind chimes.

Both the Corinthian Bells and the Festival Chimes series come boxed and make a delightful gift for the discerning gardener.

Corinthian Bells® Wind Chimes

Corinthian Bells are one of the best, premier wind chimes on the market. They are durable, weather-resistant, and acoustically incomparable. Each style and size has a distinct sound and unique tonal qualities. The larger the wind chime pipe, the deeper and more resonant the sound. Carrying a five-year warranty, they are guaranteed to perform beautifully for years.

These wind chimes are American Made from start to finish.  Each chime is handmade in the United States using raw materials sourced from American providers and comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Aluminum Alloy Tubes

The thick tubes are precision cut, lightweight aluminum alloy with powder coating. This also helps keep them weather resistant. Each tube is hand-tuned to generate true scale notes and produce clear musical notes.

High-density polymer strikers

The strikers are made of an ultra-high-density polymer that creates a clean, crisp sound and withstands exposure to the outdoors.

Centrally pinned nylon cording

Each heavy-duty, braided nylon cord ties to a central interior pin. This central suspension design creates exceptionally rich musical tones with long-lasting resonance. Cords are treated for weather and UV resistance.

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best and most popular wind chimes corinthian bells at Heyden's Gardens

Festival® Wind Chimes

A classic option, Festival® Wind Chimes are 100% made in the U.S. from Virginia. The tubes are made from anodized aluminum and hand-tuned to produce pleasant, uplifting, and melodious sounds in the slightest breeze. The striker and paddle are made from durable cedar with a preservative finish to withstand years in the outdoors. Festival chimes carry a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Find More Wind Chime Options

You can find more options for wind chimes at Heyden’s Gardens. Check out the popular Glass Bell series or other metal wind chime styles featuring butterflies, dragonflies, and birds. While quality and sound are still important for these options, their primary purpose is decorative.

best quality wind chimes for sale near me corinthian bells