We’re Growing!

Published On: September 26th, 2022

heyden's gardens in cedarburg is growing fall 2022

Those of you who have visited us recently have seen our tremendous selection of fall-blooming mums in all colors & sizes. Did you know that we grew every one of them? Over 8,000 mums! We also grew all the fall annuals you see at Heydens, including asters, ornamental kale & cabbage, celosia, purple fountain grass, ornamental peppers, petunias, and million bells.

We are growing! In more ways than one. Not only are we currently producing all our own seasonal plants in-house, but we are also expanding our growing facilities.

This past spring, we constructed a sizeable new greenhouse, and are presently hard at work on building another set of greenhouses.  When completed, our enclosed growing space at Heyden’s Gardens will be 17,000 square feet.

heyden's gardens in cedarburg is growing fall 2022

In addition to our Cedarburg greenhouses, we also have 17 production greenhouses at our sister retail garden center, Nehms Greenhouses, in Slinger. Most of our growing, though, takes place at our Jackson location, which is a facility maintained by our production team but not open to the public. In Jackson, we have 11 greenhouses and several open-air acres under cultivation.

With a total of 68,000 square feet of greenhouse space we are very excited that, going forward, all of our seasonal annuals and many of our perennials will be produced in-house! This gives us complete control over the growing process. We can select the varieties we want to grow and tend them to our standards. This allows us to eliminate the middleman and offer you the best finished plants at competitive prices.

After the fall planting season is complete, we will turn our attention to our next seasonal crop, Poinsettias. We have 2,500 Poinsettias, in many sizes and colors, already started and thriving. It’ll be that time of year before you know it.

we grow fall plants cedarburg 2022 gallery conservatory overview