Published On: March 2nd, 2022

closeup of soft pink flowers on sonic bloom pink weigela florida bokrasopin at heyden's gardens cedarburg

Weigela is a hardy, vigorous, disease and pest-resistant deciduous shrub that can fill many roles in the landscape. Its funnel-shaped flowers are borne in great abundance in late spring/early summer in colors including true red, brilliant pink, and soft pink through creamy white. Hummingbirds, which are attracted to trumpet-shaped flowers, love this plant (especially the red flowering forms). Versatile and easy to care for, it earns a place in many garden locations.

Caring For & Maintaining Your Weigela

As with most blooming plants, five hours or more of sun daily will yield the most abundant flower production. Weigela bloom primarily on “old wood”, or the growth from the previous season. Newer varieties have been selected for extended flowering time and bloom on both old and new wood. Pruning, if desired, should be done immediately after the plant has completed blooming in summer. You may also want to do a bit of clean-up pruning in early spring to remove minor winter kill on the tips of the branches if the plant is in an exposed location. They bloom so prolifically that the minimal loss of blooming tips will not affect the floral display.

An annual application of slow-release, organic fertilizer is recommended. That, combined with supplemental water during times of drought, should keep your plant in good health. Weigela is rather resistant to insect or disease damage. One pest that may cause cosmetic foliar damage is the four-lined plant bug, which can create tiny shot-holes in the leaves. This damage will not affect the health of the plant. If control is desired this pest can be controlled with a variety of insecticides, including organic options.

a row of spilled wine weigela florida bokraspiwi with deep pink flowers in a wisconsin landscape

How Do You Pronounce Weigela?

The botanical name of this plant is Weigela florida. The genus name is perhaps one of the most frequently mispronounced plant names. The correct pronunciation is wy-JEE-la, rather than the frequently heard wy-JEE-LEE-a. The species name florida comes from the Latin word for “flower”, and refers to its abundant flower production.

spilled wine weigela florida bokraspiwi closeup of deep pink flowers

Weigela in a Nutshell

  • Mature height: 18”-6’, depending on cultivar
  • Mature spread: 18”-6’, depending on cultivar
  • Light requirement: Full sun to light shade
  • Growth form: Dense, upright, spreading habit. Individual branches arch to the ground in a fountain-like fashion.
  • Flowers: Abundant tubular flowers in late spring/early summer. Colors include shades of pink, white, and true red.
  • USDA Hardiness Zone: Zone 4
  • Especially valuable for:
    • Hardiness & ease of care
    • Foliage color (variegated & dark leaf cultivars)
    • Attracting hummingbirds
    • Deer resistance
    • All summer bloom (Sonic Bloom® series)
    • Foundation plantings
    • Shrub borders

Weigela Cultivars

My Monet®

cultivars my monet weigela florida verweig varuegated foliage leaves

Weigela florida ‘Verweig’ USPP 16,824

Ultra-petite habit. Light green, white and pink variegated leaves. Pale pink flowers. Maturing at just 18” in height.

Rainbow Sensation™

cultivars rainbow sensation weigela florida kolmagira variegated foliage with soft pink flowers

Weigela florida ‘Kolmagira’ PP20,384

Attractive, variegated foliage. Dense clusters of soft pink flowers. Mature height 3’-4’.

Sonic Bloom® Pink

cultivars sonic bloom pink weigela florida bokrasopin in flower

Weigela florida ‘Bokrasopin’ USPP 24,572

Bright pink flowers in May/June are followed by waves of blooms all summer, until frost. No deadheading required. Mature height 5’-6’.

Sonic Bloom® Red

cultivars sonic bloom red weigela florida verweig 6 red flowers in late spring june

Weigela florida ‘Verweig 6’ USPP 25,132

True red flowers in May/June are followed by waves of blooms all summer, until frost. No deadheading required. Mature height 5’-6’.

Spilled Wine®

cultivars spilled wine weigela florida bokraspiwi deep pink flowers with maroon foliage on smaller landscape plant

Weigela florida ‘Bokraspiwi’ PP23,781

Deep purple foliage and bright pink flowers. Mature height 2’-3’.

Dark Horse

cultivars dark horse weigela florida magenta-pink flowers with dark maroon foliage

Weigela florida ‘Dark Horse’ PP14,381

Abundant clusters of magenta-pink flowers stand out against the dramatic dark foliage with lime-green venation. Mature height 3’.