Water Your Plants

Published On: July 8th, 2020

water your plants at Heyden's Gardens in cedarburg

Save Your Plants! Build Good Watering Habits Now

Don’t forget to water your plants! Proper watering of a newly installed plant is critical to its establishment and future growth. Long story short – never allow the soil around the roots of new plantings to be too dry (likewise, never too wet).

How Often to Water

Plant material must be watered thoroughly upon planting. Afterward, watering will depend upon factors such as type weather conditions, soil type, and other factors.

Irrigation systems do not provide appropriate amounts of water at the required times for newly installed plants.

How to Water

It is most important to water your plants thoroughly after planting. This is best accomplished by setting your garden hose (nozzle removed) at the base of the plant and letting it slowly trickle to completely saturate the soil. You may also consider using TreeGator® Bags Go inside. Have a cup of coffee. Come back out and move the hose to the next plant. Repeat.

Containerized Plants

  1. Water thoroughly at time of planting.
  2. During the first week check the plant daily for indications of needing water (see “Watch Your Plants” below)*
  3. After the first week, thoroughly water twice a week for three to four weeks.
  4. From then on, water thoroughly once a week.

Soil Moisture is Affected by Weather and Other Factors

  • Hot, Dry, or Windy Weather
  • Day Length
  • Mulching
  • Soil Type
  • Site Exposure

Watch Your Plants

  • Curling leaves are usually the first indication of stress. The surface area of the plant is being reduced to cut down on transpiration (loss of water from the leaves).
  • New growth wilts or droops and older leaves turn brown, dry up and fall off.
  • Flowers fade quickly and drop prematurely.

In most cases, these symptoms signal a lack of water, and the plant will recover if watered soon enough.