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Published On: June 15th, 2020

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Heyden’s Gardens is proud to offer you a collection of composition cast stone pieces, fine antique garden statuary, and ornaments by Unique Stone. Visit today and find a thoughtfully curated collection of antique and historically inspired garden art. You may also choose to custom order your pieces through our garden center.

Created with a level of craftsmanship and artistry that is rare in the industry, each piece is custom cast and hand-finished in the United States. With so many options, you will find it simple to add one of these timelessly beautiful pieces to your garden or landscape.

Caring for Your Cast Stone Pieces

Ensure that your beautiful fountains, birdbaths, garden urns, and statuary last for many years by taking some simple steps to care for them. Unique Stone items are made of concrete, which may expand and contract with temperature changes and moisture. Especially in Wisconsin winters, we recommend following a few guidelines.

It is important not to allow water to collect in the bowls of fountains, birdbaths, or planters when temperatures are below freezing. Ideally, store your cast stone pieces in a dry area such as a shed or garage during the winter months. If you are unable to store them inside during freezing weather, you may protect them as follows:

• Do not allow ice to form in any piece that can hold water.
• Drain and cover bowls with waterproof material to protect against moisture and freezing temperatures.
• Do not allow pieces to stand on the ice. Raise them off the ground surface on wood shims.

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Custom Order at Heyden’s Gardens

We typically order Unique Stone orders once a year in bulk. We need to reach a minimum order requirement for shipment. We are happy to custom order any piece from the Unique Stone catalog for you, to be included in our annual order. We typically receive shipment in late winter or early spring. Browse their extensive catalog of stunning cast stone artwork and let us know if you see something you like.

Browse the Unique Stone Catalog: https://uniquestone.com/catalog/

Ready to place a custom order?

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About Unique Stone

They develop original stone collections inspired by historic architecture and create contemporary pieces designed to grace the landscape. It is their mission to enable everyone to share in the passion for beautiful garden treasures and enjoy their own unique piece of history. Every Unique Stone treasure is proudly made in the USA. We are proud to offer you their products.