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(okay – she’s the boss so she gets to pick a couple of favorites)

Toad Lily

jess toad lily tricyrtis


Intricate orchid-like flowers in autumn. Upright or semi-pendant habit, depending on the variety. Flowers are exceptionally lovely but not very large so we recommend placing this plant along a pathway or sitting area, where its beauty can be fully appreciated. Partial Shade.

Ornamental Onion

jess ornamental onion large globe alliums


The large globe alliums, with their showy purple balls of flowers atop tall leafless stems, are eye-catching additions to the sunny or partially shaded border. We have several in our display gardens that inspire more inquiries than almost any other plant! An ornamental member of the onion family, alliums are seldom browsed by deer or rabbit due to their pungent scent and flavor.

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cheryl baptisia australis


Baptisia forms a large 36″-48″ shrub-like specimen of glaucous green foliage topped by racemes of purple-blue flowers, followed by black seed pods that can be left standing through winter for off-season interest. Newer introductions have been bred for a wider color range, increased vigor, and for bearing prolific blooms at a young age. All are supreme garden plants. Full sun to light shade.

Heyden's Gardens staff cheryl henschel hex



melissa spikenard aralia racemosa

Aralia racemosa

Spikenard is a plant of generous proportions, reaching 36”-48” tall with a spread that can equal twice its height! Upright racemes of small starry greenish-white flowers transform into long, dense clusters of glossy fruit, maturing from bright green to rich burgundy-black. The fruit is highly decorative and is utilized as a food source by birds but is not considered edible for humans. This is a stately woodland native whose large size and showy fall fruit makes it a good fit for the large scale shade garden in need of autumn interest.

Heyden's Gardens staff cheryl henschel hex


Montrose White

zannah montrose white calamintha

Calamintha ‘Montrose White’

Dainty white flowers are insignificant individually but en masse they form a billowy 12″ white cloud that blooms non-stop from June through hard frost. Calamintha is ideal as a repeating element to tie the garden together and makes an exceptional companion plant, filler and edging plant. In addition to being a fantastic performer, this plant is an incomparable all-season nectar source for beneficial pollinators. Aromatic foliage is unattractive to deer and rabbits. Full sun to light shade.

Lenten Rose (Helleborus)

annie lenten rose helleborus

Lenten Rose is the usually the first perennial to bloom in the shaded garden. Its showy 3″ flowers, ranging in color from cream to deep burgundy, nod above the leathery evergreen foliage in earliest spring, before the new dark green leaves emerge to cover up the previous year’s foliage. Flowers are long lasting and plants are long lived.

Great Merrybells (Uvularia grandiflora)

alison great merrybells uvularia grandiflora

This woodland native blooms in early spring with large dangling yellow bell flowers that have a charming twirling form, reminiscent of dancing skirts. The subtly arching stems and pendant green foliage remain attractive through the season and provide a contrast in form and texture to shade plants such as hosta and ferns.


katherine itoh peony yumi

An old fashioned favorite, peonies have maintained their popularity through the centuries. It is a long lived, forgiving perennial that produces large, showy flowers in a wide range of colors and forms. Many are pleasantly fragrant and all make exceptional cut flowers. Gaining in popularity are the Itoh hybrids, which are a cross between tree peonies and herbaceous peonies. The Itoh hybrids are sturdy plants that have increased the flower color range to include yellow, orange, and purple.