Protect Evergreens from Winter Damage with Wilt Stop

Published On: November 3rd, 2023

Needled evergreens such as spruce and broadleaf evergreens such as Boxwood can be susceptible to foliage damage known as winter burn over the winter months. This occurs because they are still losing moisture through their leaves while unable to draw replacement moisture from the frozen ground. A late fall or early winter application of a natural protective spray such as Wilt Stop reduces moisture loss by about 20% and protects evergreens all winter long from excessive moisture loss.

When to apply Wilt Stop to evergreens

Wait until the plants have completely hardened off in fall, when the moisture in the foliage has retreated to the root system for the winter (November or early December). Wilt Stop can also be applied during the winter months,  as long as the spray does not freeze on the foliage while applying and for a couple of hours of drying time afterwards.

How it works

  • Protective Coating – Wilt Stop is a completely natural antitranspirant plant protector, derived from pine resin. It forms a clear, flexible film on treated plants which holds moisture in plant foliage, reducing water loss.
  • Reduces Moisture Loss – Protects plants from drying out, drought, wind burn, sunscald, winter kill, transplant shock, and salt damage while at the same time allowing them to grow naturally.
  • Lasts All Season – Only one application of Wilt Stop per season is needed to protect your plants.

Preserves seasonal greens, too!

Wilt Stop is amazing for preventing needle drop and extending the life of seasonal greens. It can be used on Christmas trees, wreaths, indoor & outdoor garland, seasonal centerpieces, and evergreen patio pots. Our clients that use it absolutely rave about how effective it is!

Note: Do not spray Wilt Stop on “blue” evergreens such as Blue Spruce or blue colored Juniper, as the waxy coating will turn the foliage green.