[UPDATE 2023] Old World Christmas Ornaments

Published On: October 30th, 2022

Old World Christmas is widely considered to be the premier brand of Christmas ornaments. With over a thousand designs to choose from, there is an ornament to match almost any personality. Our Christmas shop features 30+ themed trees including hobbies, sports, birds, travel, pets, gardening, occupations, music, cooking, North Woods, Christmas traditions, vegetables, snowmen, Santa, zoo animals, kids, new beginnings, desserts, beverages, farm, and more. With so many choices there is sure to be an ornament that is the perfect fit for almost anyone on your gift list.

Old World ornaments are individually created using the mouth-blown liquid silver method originated in the 1800s. After cooling, each ornament is hand-painted and glittered. The end result is an exquisite, collectible piece of seasonal art. Many families make a tradition of exchanging meaningful ornaments each year, celebrating the achievements and adventures of the past twelve months. These are truly heirlooms-in-the-making.

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The Most Collectible Christmas Ornament

Each ornament comes with a decorative tag attached that tells the story of that ornament. Many of these stories are fascinating! We enjoy reading these stories as we decorate the display trees, and are consistently entertained and educated. 😊

Many of our customers are collectors and, as such, we do our best to provide new designs each year along with many of the classic designs. With some of the ornaments, they’re not brand new introductions for Old World Christmas, but we’re proud to offer them here at Heyden’s Gardens for the first time.

New Old World Christmas Collections

This is just a taste. Visit us in Cedarburg and see the full collection!