2024 New Annuals

Published On: January 29th, 2024


We’re pleased to introduce some new additions to our 2024 annual lineup. While a couple of these are brand new introductions, most have been on the market but are new to our selection here at Heyden’s Gardens.

We grow hundreds of varieties of flowering and foliage annuals. Our annual production is in full swing by March and our greenhouses are always open for visitors to come stroll through and see what’s growing!

Օ = Full Sun

Ø = Partial Shade

New 2024 Annuals at Heyden’s Gardens

Archangel™ Ruby Sangria Angelonia  Օ

  • A new color in the Archangel series!
  • Burgundy/red orchid-like flowers on 12” stems June through frost.
  • Thrives in extreme heat & humidity
  • Deer resistant
  • Height 12”-14”

Nonstop® Rose Picotee Begonia   Ø

  • Masses of large flowers all summer long
  • Fully double pink flowers, touched with white
  • Semi-trailing, well-branched plants
  • Ideal for growing in baskets and pots
  • Height 8-10”

White Delight™  Bidens  Օ

  • A new color for Bidens!
  • Masses of white daisy flowers with yellow/gold centers from late spring through summer
  • Mounding, semi-trailing habit
  • Height 10”-12”

Coconut-A-Peel® Black-Eyed-Susan Vine  Օ

  • Ivory white funnel-shaped flowers with deep purple/near black throat
  • Vigorous and fast-growing annual vine
  • Height: Twines/Climbs to 8’

Luscious® Basket Tangeglow Lantana  Օ

  • Multi-colored yellow/orange/red flower clusters
  • Excellent performer in our hot summer weather
  • Pollinator magnet
  • Luscious® series is sterile and requires no deadheading
  • Height: 12”-24”

Superbena® Pink Cashmere™ Verbena  Օ

  • A new introduction for 2024!
  • Pastel pink flowers join the Superbena® series known for vigor, heat tolerance, and mildew resistance
  • Deer resistant
  • No deadheading required.
  • Height: 12” / Trailing to 24”

Soiree Kawaii® series Vinca Օ – Ø

  • Proven Winners series bred for compact habit, superior flowering and heat resistance
  • Avoid overwatering
  • Height: 8”-10”
    • Soiree Kawaii Blueberry Kiss: Luscious purple flowers
    • Soiree Kawaii Pink: Bright pink flowers

Intenz® series Celosia Օ

  • Many-branched spikes of brilliantly colored flowers all summer
  • Exceptional dried flower
  • Deer Resistant
  • Height 12”-16”

Wink series Verbena Օ

  • Selected for superior branching, heat tolerance, and excellent resistance to powdery mildew
  • Deer resistant
  • No deadheading required
  • Mounding, trailing habit
  • Height: 8-10” / Spread 12”-18”

Rockin® Blue Suede Shoes Salvia Օ

  • Deep blue funnel shaped flowers contrast with black calyx
  • Hummingbirds love it!
  • Deer resistant
  • Requires no deadheading
  • Height: 30”-36”. Can be trimmed to reduce height and encourage branching.
  • Staff Favorite

Popcorn Plant  Օ

  • Spikes of chocolate buds open to bright yellow flowers over tropical looking leaves
  • Pinch the leaves for the rich scent of buttery popcorn!
  • Height to 3’
  • Staff Favorite

Twisted series Celosia Օ

  • Unusual, twisted, cockscomb-like flowers all summer
  • Exceptional dried flower
  • Deer Resistant
  • Height 10”-12”

Kent’s Beauty Ornamental Oregano Օ

  • Semi-trailing stems with silver/blue foliage and elegant papery lavender-pink & pale green hop-like flowers in late summer
  • Trails 8”-12”
  • Staff Favorite