Meet Mr. Velvetini

Published On: December 22nd, 2023

Mr. Velvetini (“Tini”), our shop bunny, is a minor celebrity here at Heyden’s Gardens. Tini is a Mini Rex Rabbit who has lived at the garden center since 2020. He was meant to be a show rabbit (the tattoo in his inner ear is to identify him in the show arena) but his ears grew too long, his head too narrow, and his size too large. So….he came to stay with us here as our resident rabbit, where he can be loved just the way he is!

Tini has an enthusiastic following.  He resides in an elevated enclosure in the main area of the garden center. The top of the enclosure has a hinged panel so that visitors can reach in and pet him. His plush coat is similar to Chinchilla. We are accustomed to hearing customers exclaim “Oh, my Gosh! He’s the softest rabbit I’ve ever touched”! Children frequently describe his coat as “like a blanket” and one woman described petting him as being like “putting your hand in a bag of flour”.

Tini’s distinctive coloration is known as Black Otter. His coat is primarily black, but he has cream highlights around his eyes, in his inner ears, under his chin, and on his belly. Once a year, usually in late summer, he will shed his coat. During this time, he goes through a period of looking a little rough-around-the-edges. No need to worry, though, as his new pristine black coat will be in place by the time autumn arrives.

Tini is an exceptionally social and friendly rabbit and enjoys his interaction with visitors. He is a welcoming presence at our garden center and brings a sense of fun to the shopping experience, especially for children.

As one of our customers says: “Every garden center should have a resident rabbit”!