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Published On: February 4th, 2021

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Visit us in Cedarburg for your annual and vegetable seeds! We’re pleased to introduce you to Hudson Valley Seeds. They’re high quality vegetable and flower seeds from a certified organic farm in upstate New York.

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Hudson Valley – Annual & Vegetable Seeds

Hudson Valley Seed Company owns and operates a certified organic farm where they produce their own seed. They believe in preserving crop diversity by growing unique, rare, and hard-to-find varieties. The seed is all open pollinated and many are heirloom varieties. The Hudson Valley team describes themselves as “both farmers and storytellers”, which speaks to our mission as local plant professionals. And that is where the fun comes in!

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The Packaging

These seed packets are true works of art! Each year artists from across the United States create artwork for these enchanting seed packets. Hudson Valley Seed Company selects artists through an application process and commissions them to create the cover art for their seed packets. Hudson provides the artists with information about the particular seed they will be illustrating, including its history and folklore. The artists then take this information and incorporate it into the artwork they create for the packaging. The results are as diverse as the artists’ themselves.

Inside each seed package you will find complete seed sowing instructions. Much more interestingly, you will also find the information provided to the artist about the plant as well as a brief artist biography and the artist’s explanation of their artistic interpretation of the plant. Growing from seed just became even more enjoyable!

Many of these illustrations are so exquisite that you may want to hang them on your wall to display in your home. If so, they are available to order from Hudson Valley as fine art prints.

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