FELCO Pruning Shears

Published On: January 26th, 2022

felco logo at Heyden's Gardens in cedarburg wisconsin

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FELCO pruning shears are among the tools that professional tradespeople venerate for assistance in accomplishing a job well. Ask any professional in the Green Industry what their pruner of choice is and you will invariably receive the same answer: FELCO.

FELCO pruners are a true lifetime tool. I still use my original FELCO pruners, a gift from my boss when I worked at a nursery in Connecticut – 30 years ago! While slightly worse for the wear, this pair of pruners has served me well through the years and continues to do so. And – it should be noted – during the growing season, I use these pruners essentially every day. Now that’s a great tool!

FELCO tools are made in Switzerland of hardened steel (blade) and forged aluminum (handles).

FELCO is recognized for:

  • Making their tools as ERGONOMIC as possible
  • Making components with the utmost precision to achieve the INTERCHANGEABILITY of all parts
  • Making use of the best available materials to guarantee cutting quality and DURABILITY
closeup of gears on felco #2 pruners at heyden's gardens in cedarburg
closeup of felco #2 pruners at heyden's gardens in cedarburg

Caring for your FELCO Pruning Tool

To assure longevity, I recommend that you treat your FELCO pruners with respect and keep them clean and sharp.  During the growing season, I don’t do much maintenance on my pruners. However, during the Christmas season – when I am using my pruners all day to cut evergreen boughs to make fresh wreaths –  I clean and sharpen my pruners at least a couple of times a week to remove the accumulation of sticky sap. This is the process I use:

  • Spray cutting edge, moving mechanisms, and handles with Isopropyl rubbing alcohol. Scrub with a stiff brush to remove sticky residue and dirt.
  • Rinse with clean water
  • Sharpen blade using honing oil and whetstone or sharpening tool
  • Lubricate the spring and hinge with  3-in-one oil or olive oil to help with lubrication and protect from moisture
  • Wipe with a dry cloth

FELCO pruners are unique in that they are designed to be easily disassembled and re-assembled. This can aid in conducting a thorough cleaning, and also allows the user to replace parts if necessary.

FELCOs have been considered the premier pruning shears on the market since they were first introduced in the 1940s. As with any other premium product, imitations abound. Make sure, when purchasing a FELCO tool, that it is authentic. FELCO tools – designed to last a lifetime- are not inexpensive, so beware of cheap imitations. Only purchase your FELCO tools from a reputable dealer and use caution if purchasing from an online retailer. Learn how to differential a genuine FELCO from a fake and get your hands on a real FELCO.

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FELCO Tools For Sale at Heyden’s Gardens

FELCO #2 Pruner

gallery felco #2 pruner shears for sale at heyden's gardens cedarburg

The #2 is the flagship tool. First introduced in 1948, it remains their number one selling product worldwide. There is truly no gardening tool I would recommend over the FELCO #2 pruner!

FELCO #6 Pruner

gallery felco #6 compact pruner shears for sale at heyden's gardens cedarburg

The #6 is a compact pruning tool, designed for individuals with smaller hands.

FELCO #5 Pruner

gallery felco #5 pruner shears for sale in cedarburg

The #5 is reliable, efficient, and ergonomically designed like other FELCO tools, this pruner provides clean, precise cuts and overall good performance in a more basic model.

FELCO Replacement Parts

gallery felco replacement parts for pruning shears for sale at heyden's gardens cedarburg
  • FELCO #600 replacement saw blade
  • FELCO #2 & #6 replacement thumb catch assembly with plate & shock absorber
  • FELCO #2 replacement blade
  • FELCO #6 replacement bolt and nut
  • FELCO #6 replacement counter blade with screw
  • FELCO #9 replacement bolt and nut
  • FELCO #9 replacement counter blade with screw