DeWit Garden & Landscape Tools

Published On: January 4th, 2021

DeWit tools are handmade in Holland and among the highest quality garden tools available.

Produced by a fifth-generation Dutch forging company, these tools are beloved by gardeners around the globe. We characterize these tools by innovative design, historical hand craftsmanship, and environmental stewardship.

Innovative Design

A tool for every task. Their product line includes tools for both general and specialized uses. All tool heads are hand forged of high-quality Swedish Boron steel for long-lasting strength and durability. They’re also highly functional and attractive. We frequently hear customers comment about adding certain pieces to their collection to admire them hanging on their garden shed wall.

With so many tools to choose from, every gardener has their favorite and almost always returns to add to their collection.

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DeWit Garden at Heyden’s Gardens

Serrated Farmer’s Dagger

dewit garden landscape tools serrated farmers dagger Heyden's Gardens cedarburg

All-purpose, heavy-duty serrated garden knife. A thick steel blade sharpened on both sides.

Universal Garden Knife

dewit garden landscape tools universal garden knife Heyden's Gardens cedarburg

Ideal for cutting roots and weeding between bricks or steppingstones.

Corkscrew Weeder

dewit garden landscape tools corkscrew weeder Heyden's Gardens cedarburg

Turn clockwise around the root and pull to “pop” the weed out by the root. Perhaps the most popular tool.

Combo Cultivator

dewit garden landscape tools combo cultivator aerator weeding tool

Combines an aerator and a weeder in one hand-held tool. Staff favorite.

Welldone Planting Trowel

dewit garden landscape tools welldone planting trowels for sale lb

The backbone of every gardener’s tool kit, nothing compares with a great hand trowel.


dewit garden landscape tools steel hand plow for soil

Perfect for creating planting furrows for seeding or transplanting.

Long Handled Diamond Push/Pull Hoe

dewit garden landscape tools long handled diamond push pull hoe cut weeds weeding

Two-sided blade to cut weeds just below the surface. Ideal for weeding between rows. Staff favorite.

Potting Trowel & Crown Trowel

dewit garden landscape tools potting crown trowel for sale near me

Simply the prettiest in the collection. Multi-purpose tools for digging, weeding, and transplanting.

Potting Trowel & Crown Trowel

dewit garden landscape tools bottle opener beer trowel

A quality, sharp trowel with a built-in bottle opener. This one makes a great gift.

Dewit Junior Tools

The line of Junior tools is just the right size for smaller hands. Start the kids out gardening with the finest tools available, handmade in Holland, and guaranteed a lifetime. These smaller tools are also a great option for seniors and for gardeners that prefer smaller tools.

Note: Due to the quality and sharpness of these tools, we recommend them for ages 8 and up.

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find dewit junior garden landscape tools for sale at Heyden's Gardens in cedarburg

DeWit. More than a tool. It’s an heirloom.

Environmental Stewardship

The hardwood handles come from sustainably harvested European Ash trees. The wood is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, which means that the harvested forests are replanted to maintain a green environment.

DeWit recommends oiling the tool handles occasionally to protect the wood and prevent drying and cracking. Liberally apply linseed/flaxseed oil, let it absorb for 15 minutes, then wipe off excess.

A Lifetime Guarantee

These tools are so well constructed that we are confident that you will not need to utilize the Lifetime Guarantee. However, for reference, here’s their guarantee:

“If you have received a DeWit product that has manufacturer defects or workmanship issues, please take the product (along with the receipt) back to the retailer or Garden Center where you purchased it. They will replace the product for you, and we will ensure they receive a replacement product.”

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find dewit landscape garden potting tools at Heyden's Gardens
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