Cheryl Henschel

Published On: January 1st, 2015

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Starting Position: Cashier
Current Position: Inventory & Merchandising

Heyden’s Gardens, a retail garden center located on Highway 60 in Cedarburg, became a part of the Heyden’s family operation in 2022. Cheryl likes to joke that she “came with the building” as it has switched owners over the many years.

Although Cheryl’s educational background is in the medical field she has always been an avid gardener. She is our Jill-of-all-Trades at Heyden’s Gardens. Early on her duties included annual production, grounds maintenance, and cashiering. Her responsibilities now encompass all aspects of the business and she competently handles inventory control, receivables, merchandising, lead cashier, and just about any job that needs to be done. She is usually the “go-to” staff member for questions related to the daily operations of the business.

Where Cheryl’s skills really shine, though, is in her store displays. Colorful containers of all shapes & sizes, live houseplants, home décor, garden art, floral silks, garden care products, statuary, garden tools, ….all those themed Christmas trees in our Christmas shop every winter. It is Cheryl, with her artful eye and organizational skills, who brings all of these disparate items together to create attractive, cohesive displays that make our Cedarburg shop welcoming and easy to navigate.

What do you like most about working at Heyden’s Gardens?
Cheryl says, ”it’s really the people that make me love my job”. This includes the wonderful customers that have become like family as well as our close-knit group of co-workers that are family. She particularly enjoys creating displays and loves coming to work because “every day is different”.

Why would you recommend someone work here?
“I would recommend working at Heyden’s to anyone who is a hard worker and has a love of plants. It’s a fast-paced workplace but that’s what I love, not one single season is the same as the last.”

Personal Brief
“I enjoy relaxing in my own gardens, whether it’s making new beds or changing the existing beds. I’m personally in love with cottage-style gardens. My orchard and pumpkin patches are my pride and joy. I love spending time with my family and friends.”

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