We are all familiar with the seasonal magnificence of the Poinsettia plant. Here at Heyden’s we grow over 3,500 Poinsettias each year. We supply not only our two retail garden centers (Heyden’s Gardens [...]


Protect Evergreens from Winter Damage with Wilt Stop


Needled evergreens such as spruce and broadleaf evergreens such as Boxwood can be susceptible to foliage damage known as winter burn over the winter months. This occurs because they are still losing moisture [...]

Protect Evergreens from Winter Damage with Wilt Stop2023-11-04T09:56:57-05:00

Tusco Pots


Tusco: Made In The USA One of the many challenges facing northern gardeners is finding weatherproof, durable outdoor planting containers. We’ve finally found the solution in Tusco Planters. These high-quality pots are manufactured [...]

Tusco Pots2023-02-09T19:55:02-05:00
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