Caring for Chrysanthemums [Podcast]

Published On: September 1st, 2020

Caring for Chrysanthemums

Join Zannah Crowe and Mike O’Rourke from Your Midwest Garden for a thought-provoking discussion on all things “fall plants” with a focus on Chrysanthemums and caring for them. In this episode, they discuss a variety of topics including fall plants for pollinators, Wisconsin natives, pest controls, avoiding fall perennial maintenance, and the growing recognition of beneficial insects by gardeners.

If you take anything away from this episode, it’s to go visit your garden center weekly or bi-weekly. Keep in contact with your local experts to see what’s blooming, talk about your landscape and the wildlife within. So much energy is put into spring and summer, that fall is often disregarded. However, fall-blooming plants have a special interest in extending your color and texture options deep into the season and benefiting the wildlife that depends upon them.


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Zannah Crowe

She is the Educational Horticulturist at Heyden’s Gardens in Cedarburg, WI. She assists customers on a daily basis with their plant and gardening matters, presents to local garden clubs, writes for the Heyden’s Gardens website, and makes guest appearances on industry platforms like podcasts!

your midwest garden with mike orourke podcast

Your Midwest Garden with Mike O’Rourke

A casual conversation podcast about gardening in the Midwest with Mike O’Rourke and Rookie Gardener, Scott Sandstrom. Mike interviews various guests, including local and regional experts and DIY gardeners in a relaxed conversation. While Scott keeps the subjects down to the weekend warrior level. We hope you enjoy each podcast episode, as even the most basic topics can reveal a surprise tip or hint you may not know about!

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