Botanical Interest Seeds

Published On: February 10th, 2023

Botanical Interest seed display 2

At Heyden’s Gardens we proudly offer a full line of Botanical Interest® garden seeds. We selected this line of seeds for several important reasons.

Botanical Interests® is a family-owned company that carries more than 600 non-GMO varieties, including over 200 USDA Certified Organic varieties, and more than 350 heirloom varieties.

Botanical Interests® seeds are tested by the Non-GMO Verified Project which identifies genetically engineered (GMO) contamination in seeds that can occur when plants cross-pollinate. A third-party laboratory also tests the seeds regularly to ensure high germination rates. The seeds are not treated, and the packets contain only premier quality seeds, with no fillers.

Botanical Interest® Packaging

Excellent quality seed aside, we love the Botanical Interest® packaging! The front of the package features an artist’s drawing of the plant, and the text on the package tells you everything you need to know to successfully germinate the seed and grow the plant.

The front of the seed packet shows, at a glance:

  • When to sow
  • Which varieties are natives and heirlooms
  • Which varieties are organic
Botanical Interest Seed Packaging is informative and beautiful
Organic seeds are easily identified by the green bar across the top of the packaging Botanical Interest Seed Packaging

Organic seeds are easily identified by the green bar across the top of the packaging.

The organic farmers and suppliers that provide Botanical Interests® with organic seed are certified organic. They take pride in hands-on attention to soil health and variety quality. Organic gardening is a step towards the future success of sustainable agriculture, and ultimately, our planet.

The back of the seed packet offers comprehensive sowing and growing instructions, including:

  • Whether to direct sow or start seeds indoors
  • When to sow seed, relative to the average last frost date (average last spring frost date in Cedarburg, Wisconsin is May 18th)
  • Whether the plant is an annual, biennial or perennial
  • Hardiness Zone
  • A removable plant label to keep with your seedlings that includes an illustration of what the seedlings will look like, along with information on seed spacing, seed depth, days to germination, thinning recommendations, and coverage.

Even the inside of the package is full of information!

Comprehensive details about the plant are contained on the inside of the packet. This might include history, folklore, uses, special growing considerations, and more.

By Zannah Crowe