aquapots Heyden's Gardens in cedarburg self watering white pottery collection

AquaPots® Self-Watering Containers

AquaPots are a revolutionary new concept in self-watering plant containers. They were invented and patented by Jack Barnwell, an award-winning landscape architect from Mackinac Island, Michigan, in conjunction with Michael Carr Pottery.

They combine the convenience of a self-watering feature with the beauty of the highest quality glazed ceramic pots. They are the first and only premium quality glazed ceramic self-watering planters on the market. They are not just an insert but rather a complete system that is integrated into each planter. You commonly see Michael Carr Pottery at our garden center, and now you can enjoy the new line of AquaPots – available in sets or individually, and in various color and texture options.

We are excited to share our friends at Michael Carr. Visit their website on AquaPots for more product pictures and a demonstration video. Please be advised that they don’t sell to the public.

Key Benefits of AquaPots

  • Durable, high quality components.
  • No risk of overwatering. An overflow valve ensures plants cannot be overwatered, even in heavy rain.
  • No unsightly plastic drip tubing. A cleaner look that can be enjoyed anywhere instead of needing to stay where plumbing is located.
  • Elimination of fertilizer leaching and runoff due to the enclosed watering system.
  • No more water ring stains on the deck or porch.
  • Watering frequency is significantly decreased. The consumer line of AquaPots last at least a week between waterings; larger Professional Series pots last up to one month.
  • Water savings with no waste. 25% of the amount of water is used with AquaPots® similar sized pots on drip irrigation.
  • Frost resistant ceramic (we recommend, in our Wisconsin climate, emptying the container of soil, removing the self-watering insert, and storing the container in a dry location in winter).

Available while supply lasts.

aquapots Heyden's Gardens in cedarburg self watering white pottery collection
aquapots Heyden's Gardens in cedarburg jess with aqua pots garden center
aquapots Heyden's Gardens in cedarburg self watering pots