5 Easiest Houseplants for Beginners

Published On: December 21st, 2023


If you want to get started with growing houseplants and have read our Getting Started with Houseplants article, now you’re ready to select your plants.

Let’s get you started with some super easy-care ones to get your houseplant growing journey off to a successful start. We’re confident that these five plants will help you grow towards the development of two green thumbs!

Snake Plant

Named Snake Plant for its leaf shape and color pattern that are reminiscent of a reptile, it used to go by the name “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue”!

The Snake Plant is so tolerant of neglect that you could place it in a dark corner of the room, go on vacation for a month, and come back to it looking just the way you left it. Absolutely the easiest houseplant, and an excellent choice for the beginner. The only way you’ll kill a Snake Plant is by overwatering it.



This is a vining plant which can also be trained to climb.

Like the Snake Plant, Pothos is very forgiving of neglect. It will grow in low light conditions and will tolerate infrequent watering.

Heartleaf Philodendron

Similar in appearance to Pothos, but with more pronounced heart shaped and slightly thinner leaves. A trailing plant, ideal for hanging pots or for trailing from atop bookshelves, etc.

Will grow in low light and will tolerate infrequent watering.


Dragon Tree / Corn Plant

With foliage ranging from slender to wide and coming in various colors, these plants will eventually grow to a height of 5’-7’.

As it grows it is natural for the lower leaves to drop, so that the growth is tree-like on the top of bare stems.

Rubber Plant

Another houseplant that can grow to tree-like proportions with time, this one has large, waxy leaves.

The variety most frequently seen in the trade is the dark leaf form, which will add foliage color to your easy-care plant collection.


Runner Up: Peace Lily

I include a runner-up for those who are looking for a flowering plant, and for those who love to pamper their plants. If you are someone who loves to water your houseplants, this one is for you. Peace Lilies love water so this plant is perfect for those who can’t resist overwatering.

While tolerant of low light, Peace Lilies are more likely to produce flowers if they are in a bright location. The distinctive white flowers last for many months.

By Zannah Crowe