Published On: March 22nd, 2024

The National Garden Bureau has named 2024 The Year of the Angelonia. This is a well-deserved honor for an often overlooked and underutilized annual plant.


Heat Loving Powerhouse

Angelonia, also known as Summer Snapdragon, is a heat loving powerhouse of an annual that blooms reliably through the hottest and muggiest of Wisconsin summers. When some other annuals slow or stop blooming in the intense summer heat, Angelonia keeps producing its spikes of orchid-like flowers in abundance. Flowers are available in a range of colors, including white, purple, pink, red, bicolor, and more. Angelonia also comes in a range of forms so that – depending on the series you select – it can act as a Thriller, a Filler, or a Spiller plant in a combination planter.

In addition to producing beautiful flowers all summer long, Angelonia is also deer resistant, drought tolerant, and requires no deadheading.

Angelonia series we are growing in 2024

Archangel™ – Selected for sturdy stems, compact habit and extra-large size blooms on well-branched stems.

AngelDance™ -A taller series with flexible stems that “dance” in the wind.

Angelface®– A Proven Winners series prized as vertical accent plants.  Semi-upright with  good branching habit and extra-large blooms.

AngelMist® – This series has a low-growing, spreading habit that makes it great for spilling out of hanging baskets or patio containers.

Discover Angelonia in 2024

Angelonia, despite being an excellent annual, is often overlooked during the primary annual shopping season in May. This is because, being a heat-lover, it often does not begin flowering heavily until early to mid-June.  Let 2024 – the official Year of the Angelonia – be the year you treat yourself to growing this outstanding plant!